I am a rather slim person, I’m 100 pounds at 5 foot 4.
I am already considered underweight. BUT I still have some tummy rollage (they’re more obvious after I’ve eaten though)

people have to understand that it is VERY uncommon to not have these kinds rolls & we shouldn’t put ourselves next to such unrealistic standards.
so you shouldn’t starve yourself or any of those things to get rid of them because odds are they won’t fully go away. I tried very hard to get rid of them as well but I was already at 95 pounds and they were still there. I’ve accepted & embraced them as part of me and you should too! no matter how little or how much

we should love our bodies no matter how they look & in all angles.
(note how different I look in the two photos just because of angling & lighting.)

bringing it back because it’s important

I grew and lost weight since this, by the way. I’m 5 foot 5 now and at 98. still have the rolls!


Foxy Lady!

Ill boy you sexy wolf ;P lol